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Single Domain

SociWiz - Business in a Box (One - domain)

Multiple Domain

SociWiz - Business in a Box (Multiple-domain)

You have seen how powerful SociWiz is on our sales page that showed you how quickly and easily you can set up powerful marketing campaigns and easily post them on every social media platform to drive boatloads of targeted traffic to virtually any offer that you want. Even multiple offers at once!

Plus, we also offered you an upgraded premium version that offers you the ability to set everything up on auto-pilot. Giving you the power to post all of your campaigns automatically on every platform at once and also giving you the power to Schedule Posts so that you can just set and forget your campaigns and it will automatically run them for you! You can literally go through a JV launch calendar create your campaigns in one day and have them ready to go out on auto-pilot for you all month long.

Enabling you to spend the entire month doing absolutely nothing but sitting back and collecting piles of cash!

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  • We are giving you the SociWiz Script Platform that you can host on your own server to sell SociWiz to hungry internet marketers that will benefit from using this powerful marketing platform that is revolutionizing how traffic is generated and how to drive traffic to multiple offers at once! (Every Internet Marketer's Dream!)
  • We are giving you a professionally written sales letter written by a copywriter who has a proven track record of conversions! Enabling you to sell SociWiz for any price that you want and earn as much money as you want as it is guaranteed to convert in sales for you!
  • You keep 100% of the profits! Yep… We don't keep a penny of any of the profits you make from your sales of SociWiz.


200 Social Media Marketing Tactics

"Get Instant Access To 200 Powerful Social Media Marketing Tips To Increase Your Followers, Build Credibility And Gain More Customers..." These Tips Will Surely Put Your Business Into Overdrive!

On top of being able to use SociWiz yourself to drive thousands of hungry buyers to any offer that you post and automating the entire process you also now have the ability to make even more money by selling a proven online marketing platform that will have INTERNET MARKETERS thanking you for it!

It Is A Win-Win Situation For Everyone!

** Disclaimer - You can only sell access to the software you may not actually sell the script to anyone. This way the product keeps its value and no one is out getting it for free. You want to make money right? Then keeping the script to yourself is the only way to ensure that it doesn't get passed around the internet for free… Taking money out of your pocket!**

Warning… This Offer I Limited To 20 People Only!

That's right and this isn't a marketing ploy either like other people claim… We have a legitimate reason to limit this ONE TIME OFFER...

If we sold this to hundreds of people than that will take away from its value. That's right…

If we allowed 100 people to sell the exact same platform that would enable every hungry internet marketer to buy it from just about anyone and probably at a lower price than what you will charge.

Causing your potential customers to go else-where…

By limiting this offer to a select small group you can rest assured knowing that there isn't hundreds of internet marketers out there selling the exact same system… devaluing yours.

Unlike all of the rehashed PLR garbage that is out there that people resell over and over again we want this to enable you to make money for a long period of time.

Think of SociWiz in a Box as a Franchise and as an owner of a Franchise you get to control cost and competition and by limiting it to just 20 people are we are securing your financial future with this product.

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Single Domain

SociWiz - Business in a Box (One - domain)

Multiple Domain

SociWiz - Business in a Box (Multiple-domain)

Remember Here Is Everything That You Will Receive When You Upgrade Your Order And Download Sociwiz In A Box Today:

This is a 100% no brainer! This will sell itself and you know it. The power behind this software will have fellow internet marketers begging you for it and you can charge ANY PRICE that you want for this powerful traffic generating, cash siphoning machine.

Single Domain

SociWiz - Business in a Box (One - domain)

Multiple Domain

SociWiz - Business in a Box (Multiple-domain)

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Our passion is to create world class products and training that add value to you as an online entrepreneur.

We believe that you, the buyer are our #1 priority and any product you purchase from us should work first time – every time.

IF within 30 days of purchase you experience any technical issue or problem with your purchase you simply lodge a support ticket and grand us 48 hours to remedy the problem.

If we cannot deliver back to you (within that timeframe) a 100% working copy and resolve your issue, we will refund all your money back (gladly with no questions!) and pay you the same again for your trouble…That's our 200% money back guarantee…what could be fairer than that?

So buy now in full-confidence that you'll be receiving quality, working videos and PDF guides– and are covered by our 100% guarantee if we can't resolve any issue with no-working copies.

And these videos and pdfs are digital products, and are not returnable, we do not accept refunds under any other circumstances.

We feel this is as fair as we can be and we are sure you can understand this.

Remember, you can sell access to SociWizas Software as a service, but you CAN NOT SELL THE SCRIPT ITSELF! In doing so you will violate your license terms and cause your own copy of SociWiz to be shut down….

  • Shutting Off Your Endless Supply Of Traffic
  • Shutting Off Your Endless Supply Of Incoming Sales
  • Shutting Off Your Ability To Automate And Set And Forget Your Campaigns To Earn Your Profits 24/7 On Auto-Pilot

Single Domain

SociWiz - Business in a Box (One - domain)

Multiple Domain

SociWiz - Business in a Box (Multiple-domain)

To Your Success

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